Monday, July 20, 2009

words can kill me better than sniper~

Mood: Crying
Song: Pergi / Aizat

da clock show at 6.58 in the mown'... i cant sleep.. i juz sleep for 4 hours only... i was waking up by the ringing of tiz song 'dewa19-flower in the dessert'..(kepada kawan2 yg twu lgu tu, u know what i mean).. sumone dat i miz iz msg me.. i thought it will change sumthing but i guess i didnt recognize him animore... i cant predict him animore.. he place me in tiz such pain yet he stil nvr said sorry to me.. he hate me.. he nvr wanted to listen to me again.. last thing i tell him is 'u can put me in tiz pain, i didnt recognize u animore, juzt bring my old elmo back cuz i nid him.. bye'... i cry tiz mown'.. i wanna hold my tears, but i keep flowing down again n again till i got tiz mown' flu again.. my heart is broken again, n again... i wuz upset to myself, to dat dem pain he put me tru.. i sud shut down my mind and log off my tears cuz dats y i sud do now.. for mr easy-make-me-cry, i juz want u to know, i wuz down with ur words tiz mown'.. thanks for ur 'kindness'...

moral : y tiz love is so special to me? i am so not into me now... please bring back my strenght...


  1. i really hope things will be better for you.. you deserve to get better..
    love do pain.. that wuts love is all about.. but still..
    your love for him is tooo deep.. yet.. the decisions is in your hands.. wuteva it is sis.. i got your back..

    jom karrooo.. haha..

  2. huhuhu...
    confius with my status again..
    he absolutely gonne make me crazee...
    i have no decision bcoz every decision dat i would make can make me more depressed...

    -i wanna sleep+eat+live like normal person-

    *karooo jom!!!!!