Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dear blog...(T_______T)

 Dear Blog,

I dont know how to express myself right now.
my feeling rite now.
if i can juz said one word to myself it's only lasting for a couple of hours.
i'm down rite now, yup.
its getting harder for me each of the day.

Dear Blog,

If i can just said it out loud, it wud b the best part ever.
but i cant.
it shut down to my heart.
i learn from my mistake.
and i regret it.

Dear Blog,

Last nite was the perfect day after sometime i didnt feel my day.
thanks to my dearie abby and her boyfie for gven me this feeling again.
but, deep down instead of smile is a pain.
wut sud i do.
does it worst? or it juz a common simptom?

Dear Blog,

YES! i'm afraid to know it.
NO! i dont want to know it.
but, i have to know it.

Dear Blog,

Where sud i put this pain tru?
is this the punishment for me in such the things i had done?

Dear Blog, 

I'm ashamed to admit i am afraid.
yup. i am.
it make me so nervous to know the truth.


Please give me strength to walk tru this pain.
the test u give me it so difficult..
but i know....
"TUHAN menguji hamba-NYA mengikut keimanannya"

Dear All,

Thanks for reading this.
and I am afraid..

p/s: ngantok laa plak kan time neh.. keh3...

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  1. awk bulehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    inshalah xde ape. lob u mum!